Fast, light and ergonomic, ProSert® XTN20 tool increases manufacturing productivity 
For manufacturers looking to improve productivity and increase their return on investment, POP® Avdel® the industry’s largest blind rivet provider has applied years of fastening and tooling experience to develop a World-class Blind Rivet Nut Installation tool.
Its lightweight and best-in-class ergonomic design includes “pull-to-force/pull-to-stroke” dual operating technology. These features provide added flexibility that allow operators to install a broad range of thread sizes and grip combinations, thus reducing the need for multiple tools at any given work station. As a result, productivity is increased and lower total installed costs are realized.
The ProSert® XTN20 provides high speed installations, improved assembly productivity, clear and fast access to the work piece, and setting adjustments easily made in a production environment. With the patent pending, quick-installation mandrel exchange system and the tool-free stroke and force setting features, changeovers are easy and installations are consistent and reliable.
Longer tool life and reduced maintenance costs are also achieved by using high-strength installation mandrels and high performance hydraulic seals. Mandrel replacement costs are significantly reduced when compared to tools requiring special, high cost installation mandrels, and the enhanced hydraulic seal design also maximizes re-priming intervals, further reducing maintenance costs.
Weighing just 1.59 kg including the (M6) nosepiece assembly, the ProSert® XTN20 is much lighter than most comparable tools and offers the highest pull force-to-weight ratio in its class, enabling assembly operators to be more productive with less effort and fatigue.
The ProSert® XTN20 is designed with a low-force, single-action trigger and comfortable weight balanced ergonomic handle. Additionally, a powered spin-out override button is positioned in an easily accessible location ensuring operator safety.
The ProSert® XTN20 hydraulic-pneumatic blind rivet nut installation tool has an M3 to M10 thread size capacity; Pull Force is approximately 17 kN at 5 bar; and provides up to 7 mm stroke adjustment.
Blind rivet nuts can be installed into sheet metal, tubing, extrusions, plastics, and other materials to provide strong, reliable internal threads in applications requiring assembly and disassembly. One-sided installations can be achieved in a range of thin panels of varying materials and hardness, and are ideal for close-to-edge applications.
POP® Avdel® is a registered trademark of STANLEY Engineered Fastening, a Stanley Black & Decker Inc. Company. All STANLEY Engineered Fastening power tools comply with current CE standards.