FG115: Linear Motion Friction Guide

The FG115 Friction Guide includes a lightweight, corrosion-resistant track and carriage to deliver smooth and silent linear movement to industrial applications. Tracks are available in 1m or 2m. Carriages are available in Auto-Adjust, Non-Adjust, and Manual Adjust options. Able to withstand harshest environment.

The FG115’s ease and resilience make it an ideal tool for bringing smooth and dependable movement to equipment in: Automation, Food Production, Packaging, Media, Machining, Tooling and much more!

Load Rating: 4,000N (900 lbf.)

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Carriages available in:
    • Non-Adjust, for when you don’t need to adjust movement or clearance. Clearance between sliding element and rail cannot be fine-tuned. This is a cost-effective solution for applications that don’t require high-level precision.
    • Manual Adjust, for when you want to fine-tune for the perfect clearance or preload. Adjust the clearance/tension between the sliding elements and rail by Allen wrench.
    • Auto-Adjust, for when you want constant preload force for the life of your system. Internal springs maintain constant and consistent tension between sliding elements and rail. Installation is a little more complex: Insert three plastic pins (included) to compress the springs for assembly.