These diverse actuator designs complete Southco’s system for remote actuation of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty rotary latches using a cable connection. Multiple cable placement options satisfy in-line and perpendicular cable orientations. Ample hand-grip promotes easy user operation; low protrusion improves enclosure aesthetics.
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Three styles provide easy operating convenience when paired with Southco cables for remote actuation of rotary latches in non-sealed applications ranging from engine hoods, and tool boxes to baggage doors, access doors, entry doors, and other compartments. All three actuator styles are compatible with R4 Series Rotary Latches.

  • Actuators are styled to match other Southco access hardware and provide a consistent look when multiple styles are used in an application
  • Ample hand grips and easy actuation enhance user operation
  • Different mounting styles satisfy door thicknesses up to 1″ thick
  • Quick and easy attachment of custom-length cables minimizes installation costs
  • Non-corrosive construction eliminates concerns about durability in industrial environments
  • Designed for use with Southco cables and rotary latches for easy, economical system integration
  • Stainless steel styles for use in entry door, marine, and off-highway applications
  • Powder coated finish resists extreme temperatures
  • Key-locking feature with multiple key codes for added security
  • Lock/unlock feature provides visual feedback on lock status

Available Options

  • Push-button actuator installs in a single round hole and creates minimal protrusion to resist snagging
  • Paddle-style actuator provides a deep recess for easy grip, with less than 0.25″ protrusion above panel surface
  • T-Handle actuator provides for easy surface-mount installation and provides ample grip for easy actuation – even with gloved hands
  • Southco cables are available in custom lengths and ready to install between R4 rotary latches and cable actuators
  • Configuration options include installation with cable traveling parallel or perpendicular to actuator mounting surface
  • Stainless steel styles (316 SS) meet marine salt spray requirement
  • Large integrated handle with push button option facilitates operation
  • Flush mounting style improves industrial design and reduces catch points
  • Surface mount option minimizes protrusion and reduces footprint
  • Direct, single and multi-point latching solutions available
  • Corrosion resistant, curved squeeze handle actuator for mounting to tubular construction
  • Cable splitter available for single or multi-point actuation and timed release

Industry Applications

  • Bus, Coach & RV
  • Enclosures Companies
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Med & Heavy Truck
  • Off-Highway – Construction, Farm Vehicles
  • Self-Service Point of Sale